Pottery from the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau encompass organic motifs and forms that are eternally pleasing. L.C. Tiffany’s nature ceramics, Minton and Palissy’s creatures and the twists, folds and crazy handles of George Ohr inspire many of the designs we use. Freeman does the basic wheel work while I, (Maggie) create the alterations and details.
However, when I work with these forms and details, the intention is propelled by the "golden proportions" and the Fibonacci sequences in nature. Compound curves, and the delicate balance and visual pleasure of symmetry and asymmetry are a constant challenge. With focus and creativity, our wheel thrown forms become elegant, sculpted objects.
Our work is a contemporary expression of antique forms. Classical art pottery forms and motifs are expanded upon with our own flare and vision of design. We create bolder color combinations, joyful curves and whimsical adornments to amuse and please the eye.
Where is Turtle Island?
     Turtle Island is North America and a story of Creation.
The simple story is:  A turtle swam to the bottom of the waters that covered the world and brought up mud to make the land. Turtle hatched her eggs on this land and everything that is came from this.  
Maggie and Freeman Jones make their living from the very stuff of creation. Clay has a mind of its own, but with patience, persistence and respect can be persuaded to do about anything that you can imagine.

Turtle Island Pottery  2782 Bat Cave Rd, Old Fort, NC 28762  (not postal)  828-337-0992  tipottery@gmail.com