"The Materials are what attract and inspire me.  When I think and plan about the clay and glazes in the heat of the kiln, I envision lava flowing, crystals growing and flowers blooming. Earth, air, fire and water... minerals reacting with one another like when the earth was being formed."  Maggie
Where is Turtle Island?
     North America is Turtle Island and a story of Creation.
In its simplest form, a turtle swam to the bottom of the waters that covered the world and brought up mud to make the land. Turtle hatched her eggs on this land and everything that is came from this.  
Maggie and Freeman Jones make their living from the very stuff of creation. Clay has a mind of its own, but with patience, persistence and respect can be persuaded to do about anything that you can imagine.

Turtle Island Pottery  2782 Bat Cave Rd, Old Fort, NC 28762  (not postal)  828-337-0992  tipottery@gmail.com